I have dermatographism.  It’s not terribly severe, but enough to be annoying.  And to cause great delight to those who find out about it.  Oh, and to make massages kind of less fun and relaxing than they might be.

Basically, I turn red, sometimes get welty, and itch like mad after things like rubbing or scratching my skin.  In other words, I’m allergic to touch, as the reaction is a histamine one.

My current team at work, when they get bored, like to come over to my desk and rub my arm.  And then watch with glee as I try desperately not to itch it to give them the satisfaction.

Kullervo, my loving husband,  just did it too.  I think he made some sort of pattern on my back.  It’s itchy.

The reason I even thought about it–Hazel has a weird rash on her diaper rash, and we were worried she sat down in poison ivy or something.  But then I realized that she’s probably just been scratching.  Poor kid.


3 responses to “Dermatographism

  1. 😦 That sounds sad.

    Though my favorite part of the Wikipedia article was the part that said it could be brought on by energetic kissing. My money’s on that as the source. 🙂

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