American Idol – Part 3 (Audition Prep)

Ah, finally, what you’ve been waiting for. The sad fact is that I do not have any photos for this part of my American Idol journey, but I do have a good reason for it. The instructions given to us were quite vague as to whether or not we could bring cameras. It said they were okay, but quite possibly would be taken away at the gates, depending on the mood of the security people. Or something. As I love my camera, I elected to leave it in the car.

Anyway, I left my tale off on Friday night, where I tucked in for a good night sleep. Sleeping in on Saturday proved fruitless, as I woke up at 6:30 and missed the kids who usually wake me up around then. The fact that I was in a hotel room, far away, doing something totally for me and me alone made me feel like a selfish, horrible mom. Can all the moms around give me a knowing nod. I know, I know… it’s good for moms to do stuff like this, my kids won’t remember I was gone, blah blah blah. At the time, I felt bad and I felt alone and I felt stupid about it.

I heard singing in the hallway (yep, at 7am on a Saturday–the other guests must have been thrilled), and decided to venture out for continental breakfast. I walked into the dining area and was faced with a group of about three standing people with yellow wristbands and their designated “friend/family member” (I had no such designee, so I mock the wearers of white wristbands instead). The three were taking turns singing their audition songs. The fact that they were willing to sing so loudly in a hotel room in front of a bunch of strangers so early in the morning was intimidating. They all had really good voices.

I skulked behind them and filled a plate with about five blueberry muffins, some toast, a banana, some yogurt, and found a table to sit and watch the drama. Another girl joined me a few minutes later. She was also alone; her husband–a soon to be Greek Orthodox priest–was home with their nine month old baby. She was very nice, but her hair looked too good for Saturday morning. The fact that we were both loners who didn’t wish to sing for strangers bonded us, though. We noticed a Mennonite-ish group come into the dining area and give the boy singing gospel music a dirty look. I later heard they complained to management about the noise.

I dawdled a bit after lunch (free show, after all), and then as I was heading back to my room to get ready to head into Boston for the day, I approached a couple of guys sitting at the hotel computer because they had made a few funny remarks earlier. I asked what they were singing, and another girl joined us. All of them came back to my room where we practiced our songs for each other–which was really cool and a lot of fun and really helped with the nerves. They all had amazing voices and were really cool people. We all headed into Boston together, where I met up with some girls I know from an online military spouse support website. I do have some pictures of this, but I need to ask permission of the others before I post anything. 🙂

After a great day in Boston (including an awesome miscommunication between me and a local when she was telling me to go to “Pak” street and I just couldn’t get to “Park” from it), we headed back to the hotel and hung out in Liza’s room for most of the rest of the evening.

We had the door open, and a random assortment of people came in and out as the evening went on, including Brittany, who lives near me and was a voice major in college, Carly, a 16 year old who was there with her dad and seemed much too old for her age, and various others. Everyone was singing together and giving each other pointers and ideas about how to sound better. I loved that it was friendly competition and nobody was being mean or trying to sabotage anyone else.

Finally, I headed off to bed. We had to be at the audition site by 5:00am to line up, so I planned on getting there at about 4:30, and set the alarm for 3:30 so I could shower and put on makeup and pack up my stuff. And… more to come in Part 4!


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