Final Trip to the DC Zoo

One of my favorite places to take the kids in DC is the DC Zoo.  It’s free, there are animals, there’s place to run and it’s okay to act like kids.  Of course, since my kids are so young, we really only get to see the first three or four animals.  It turns out that this is okay, because the Asian Otters they have at the DC zoo are adorable, near the entrance, and a lot of fun, so we spend the majority of our zoo time there.

We wanted to make sure we had time to go to the zoo before we moved, so on Tuesday, my first day after leaving my job, we took a family trip to the zoo. When we got home, Oliver was practicing his typing skills on Kullervo’s computer, and later on we noticed that he’d tried to spell otter–“OTTDER”.
Here are some of the photos of the kids that I caught while we were watching the otters.