This is all I ever see of Hazel anymore. Now that she is very two (which includes unreasonableness, defiance, willfulness, and a stubborn streak that I can only blame myself for), she also is an unstoppable force of nature.

As such, every photo I take seems to be just a blur.

However, I have it on good authority (from strangers who see her while she runs away from me in some public and dangerous place and from shutterspeeds on cameras that aren’t my phone) that she is absolutely beautiful.

Hilarious Neighborhood Sign

“Please keep your kid away from my window.”

I saw this sign on a neighbor’s window the other day, and at first I thought it was ridiculous of them.

Then I realized that the window is behind a closed gate, so some parent or caregiver is letting their kid into people’s yards and basically trespassing, and those kids are knocking on windows.

Even better-I am pretty sure I can guess which neighborhood kids this is referring to. (Nope, not mine. I value my privacy and teach my kids to value others’.)

Oliver’s Story

Earlier today, Oliver and I were chatting about babies.  I think we’d seen one on TV and Oliver thought it was cute.  Anyway, he then proceeded to tell me the following story:

“So, one time I [Note that this is Oliver talking, not me] had a baby in my tummy.  And it was born, and it was a girl, and she was so cute.   Like, so, so cute.  She was cuter than you were when you were a baby.  I named her Katy.  And I loved her so much.  And then she disappeared.

“But it was okay, because then I had another baby in my tummy.  And I loved her so so much, and she was born.  And I named her after you, Mommy.  She was so cute.  I just loved her.

“She had to go out to discover the world.  So I had to go with her, of course, because she was just a baby.  So I packed my backpack with all of the stuff we’d need.  Like, I packed a lot of corn, so we’d have food.  And other stuff too.  I loved my baby.”