What's your favorite summer memory?

Summer has generally been good to me. Even though I don't love the hot weather, some of my best memories took place during the summer. Everything from my first kiss to my wedding happened during the summer. I have done a lot of traveling in the summer months–I spent one summer living in Panama City, Panama, studying abroad, and another year I moved to New York City for the summer for Conner's legal internship.

The road trip to South Dakota that we took earlier this summer is my best recent memory. It was so nice to get away with my husband and children, and just be happy and enjoy life, the beauty of our country, and the kitschiness of the roadside tourist attractions.

The Fruit of our Labors

We are attempting a vegetable garden. We planted the three sisters together (corn, beans, and squash) and with all the rain we have been getting, the beans are exploding. Today, Conner picked these purple beans, after I had picked as many as I could just a couple of days ago.

Not Fair

It is totally not fair for Petco to have kittens that need to be adopted. Especially little orange ones.

I just keep telling myself that two is more than enough. Two is more that enough.

Stranger On Deck

There is a stranger sitting on my deck eating lunch. It is very weird to me.

He works for my landlord in what appears to be a carpentry workshop in the coach house of my apartment building. Or, I assume he does. But it’s weird that he sits on my deck and can just watch us inside if he wants to.

Happy Father’s Day!

When I got married, I didn’t think much about whether my husband would be a good father. I was 19, and the idea of kids was still so far away that it didn’t even cross my mind.

So, I was lucky, I guess. Not only is Conner the best husband I could dream of, not only is he my best friend in the world, and not only does he encourage me to do all the things I hope and dream of, but on top of that, he is an amazing father.

No, he’s not perfect. Nobody is. But he complements my parenting so well, and provides support to our kids that I couldn’t. If I could pick just the kind of dad that I would want for my kids, he is it.

And it makes me fall in love with him even more. I love you, Conner. Thanks for being my baby-daddy.

Zoo Picnic!

I took the kids to the zoo this evening for the zoo picnic they have for zoo members. The terrible storms we were having stopped just in time, and w had a lot of fun.

However, instead of bringing home my beautiful babies, I came home with two tigers instead!