We attempted to go to Jewel Cave for a short tour of the caves, because I mentioned spelunking to the kids and they sounded so cute whenever they said it. Also, Oliver was super excited about the idea.

We got to Jewel Cave at 2:30 local time, but the next tour didn’t start til 3:35. So we decided to check out Wind Cave instead. It’s the 4th biggest cave in the world, but they think they have only explored about a tenth of it. The stories about the cave, its discovery, and the early exploration were really cool. It was mostly explored at first by a 16 year old kid.

Our tour lasted about an hour and a half, and Hazel hollered and hit me through a lot of it because she wanted to walk. Oliver was a superstar, and when Hazel forgot she was mad, she sang to me.

The last picture shows the hole that someone found that indicated there was a cave at all.


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