The Kids

Many thanks to an old friend, Kimber (aka One) for letting me know she wanted to see pictures of my kids!

First, there is Oliver.  He’s four and a half now, brilliant (of course), funny (obviously), talented (clearly), and has an unbiased mother (indubitably).  He also totally gets Christmas.  He was telling me today all about all of the presents that he wants for Christmas, and I said, “Now, you know that Christmas is about more than just getting presents right?”

He responded, “Yeah, I know that.  It’s also about snow.  And candy.”

Then there’s Hazel.  Her world is made of magic and you can’t help but fall in love with all of the epic cuteness.  She says such wonderful things that I can’t help but wonder if she’s plotting world destruction through adorability.  She memorizes the lyrics to songs after hearing them twice, and sings along with the radio she insists on leaving on in her room all the time, tuned to the local country station.

So, these are my kids.  I love them.  They drive me crazy, they bring out the best and the very worst in me, and I wouldn’t change them for anything in the world because they are the absolute perfect versions of themselves.

Winter Stuff

Aside from the frigid freezingness of oh-my-gosh-I-never-want-to-go-outside-I-just-want-to-stay-in-and-eat-chocolate that comes with living in Chicago in the winter (was the last part just me?), the season brings at least two additional problems.

First, dressing two kids to brave the cold takes forever. By the time you have donned one child in a hat, scarf, mittens, boots, and coat, the other one has undone theirs, claiming that, after all, they’re not cold. This is a problem for which I have no solution (besides maniacal screaming, which isn’t very effective).

The second problem comes with where the heck to put aforementioned hats, scarves, and mittens such that they don’t wind up in the middle of the living room. Enter Katy.

My kids are pretty good about putting their shoes away, because I stress that it is their chore when they get home and apparently they like chores. Today, they helped me design and put together designated drawers for the winter peripherals, and know that putting their stuff away will be an additional winter chore.

They probably won’t be perfect about it, but when push comes to shove, at least everything will have a home. You know, besides all over the floor.


Mr. Speaker

I love harmless practical jokes. You know, the kind where nobody is embarrassed or gets their feelings hurt, or gets so scared that they actually wet themselves.

When the November 15, 2010 issue of Time magazine arrived in the mail, Kullervo and I joked about how our newly elected Speaker of the House looked like he was making a kissy-face.

I have since ripped the cover off and leave it places for Kullervo to find. It never fails to make us both laugh. (And if I can manage to snap a pic of Kullervo kissing him back I will definitely post it!) So far, Mr. Speaker has greeted the hubby when he got into bed (see pic below) and when he got out of the shower. Where will he appear next?