Mr. Speaker

I love harmless practical jokes. You know, the kind where nobody is embarrassed or gets their feelings hurt, or gets so scared that they actually wet themselves.

When the November 15, 2010 issue of Time magazine arrived in the mail, Kullervo and I joked about how our newly elected Speaker of the House looked like he was making a kissy-face.

I have since ripped the cover off and leave it places for Kullervo to find. It never fails to make us both laugh. (And if I can manage to snap a pic of Kullervo kissing him back I will definitely post it!) So far, Mr. Speaker has greeted the hubby when he got into bed (see pic below) and when he got out of the shower. Where will he appear next?


2 responses to “Mr. Speaker

  1. I found him under my pillow when I went to bed. That tricky speaker is just everywhere I look. He’s damned persistent. I should just give him a smooch and have him be done with it.

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