Creepiest. Baby. Ever.

Hands down, I think this one wins a prize.



5 responses to “Creepiest. Baby. Ever.

  1. I think that baby looks cheerfully drunk.

    Yes, I’ve seen quite a few drunk babies and this one is clearly soused and loving it.

  2. Sorry, but no… the creepiest doll *EVER* was the original demonically-possessed-Rosemary’s-baby Kenner Blythe doll, with the eyes that changed freaking colors… you can see one here, if you really want to.

    Also, the pictures on the first auction add whole new layers of creepiness.

  3. Oh, wait… I forgot about this one, that traumatized my wife when she was 5:
    Little Miss No Name.

    My gods what a horrible doll.

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