10 Years Merry!

July 25, 2001

Ten years.  More than a third of my life so far.  Basically my entire adulthood, I have spent with you.  (In fact, there were only a couple of months of my entire adulthood that I wasn’t mooning over you/dating you/married to you.)

When we got married, on this day ten years ago, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into.  I was a teenager, a child of a broken marriage, and a new convert to religion.  I was a romantic, an idealist.  I thought I knew what love was.  I thought I knew what marriage was about.  I thought I knew exactly what would happen next.  I was so wrong.

In ten years, I’ve changed.  You’ve changed.  We aren’t even similar to the people we were back then.

But somehow, magically, wonderfully—we changed together.  We aren’t the same people we were.  We’ve grown up.  Hopefully, for the most part, we’re better.  You make me better, that’s for sure.

In ten years, I’ve seen the worst parts of you.  And you’ve seen the worst parts of me (and the grossest, because, let’s face it, having a baby is gross, especially when it involves vomiting on your spouse!).  But we’ve also seen the best in each other.

I am continually blown away by your absolute and unwavering devotion to me, to our marriage, to fidelity and love and the bond that we created when we were joined.  It’s inspiring to me, and makes me want to live up to all that you believe that I’m capable of.  You are my safe place, and the only place I let my guard down.  I trust you completely with my feelings and my heart and my insecurities, and you never violate that trust.  I cannot imagine my life without you in it.

For ten years, you’ve hung up my towels, done the dishes, and cleaned the bathrooms.  For ten years, you’ve left your socks wherever they may fall, you’ve found ever-increasingly gross things to eat and drink, and left dirty Tupperware to grow into science projects at work.  For ten years, you’ve made me laugh, let me cry, held my hand, and supported my dreams.  For ten years, you’ve laughed at my jokes, fathered my children, and been my best friend.

Ten years later, I’m still a romantic and an idealist.  I believe that we stay married because we want to stay married—because we are committed to making it work and resolving any problems.  We are committed to staying in love.

I love you.  Every day I love you.  I feel so blessed for our first ten years, and look forward to all that the future holds for us and to sharing those experiences with you.  I am still as giddy and mad about you as I was on July 25, 2001.  Happy anniversary, my love.

True Love


3 responses to “10 Years Merry!

  1. Say it with me, everybody: AWWWWWWWWW. That was really beautiful! And made me choke up because I’m getting married in just a few months… gods bless you guys!

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