The August De-Plastic Project

I’ve been wanting to do something to be more committed to lowering my carbon footprint while at the same time teaching my children to be conscious of the decisions that we make and why.  To that end, we subscribe to a CSA for our meat and produce, which deserves another blog post in and of itself.  (And which I will hopefully get to.)

I picked up the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine and read this article about plastic bags.  We generally try to be conscious of our plastic bag usage, but we still wind up with gobs and gobs of bags from the grocery store, etc.  Because inevitably, even though I have at least 5 reusable shopping bags, I leave them at home when I go shopping.

So, I decided that, for the month of August, I will avoid having my groceries (and, where possible, all other goods) bagged in plastic bags.  Hopefully at the end of the month, it will become so ingrained in my habits that I can continue it afterwards.

I decided that I will continue to use the plastic farmstand bags at the grocery store to bag my produce.  I’m going to look for reusable bags when I go out, but for now, I need my produce to stay fresh in my fridge.  And, because the stuff I get from my CSA isn’t bagged, I reuse the bags for the other produce that I get.

Today was the first day I had to go to the store since August began.  I had limited success.  First, I forgot my canvas bags.  Even though we were running late, I ran back into the house to gather them. Score: me-1, plastic bags-0.

Then, when we got to the grocery store, I forgot them in the car.  (sigh.) I didn’t realize this until we had finished shopping and were about to get in line. Score: plastic bags-1, me-1.

I asked for the checkout people to use paper bags instead.  I figured, this would be okay because not only are they recyclable, but as school is about to start, Oliver might have books to cover (and paper bags make great book covers).  We also use double bagged paper bags in the car as a garbage can, as mostly in the car we wind up emptying recyclable containers (cans of soda, paper, etc). Score: me-2, plastic bags-1.

Everything was fine after that (except for the few grumbly looks the bagging person gave to me), and I took my groceries home.  As I was putting the food away, I noticed something.

Foiled by Plastic

In avoiding having the watermelon leak condensation onto the paper bag, the bagger at the store bagged my watermelon in a plastic bag. Score: me-2, plastic bags-2.

2 responses to “The August De-Plastic Project

  1. I’ll be happy just to not have a billion plastic bags in the kitchen waiting for the once-every-eleven-months-or-so time we remember to take them back to the store to recycle them. 😀

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