Things As They Really Are

One of my favorite people in the world put up a blog post that is worth reading.

Because I can’t read anything without seeing both the serious and the silly, but I didn’t want to detract from her blog, I wanted to post the silly here.

Katie says:

The idea of Things As They Really Are is one of the most profound spiritual concepts I’ve ever encountered.  It’s about much more than adhering to the “correct” interpretation of abstract theological principles; it’s about embracing all the truth we can, even difficult truth…

Reading that made me think about all of the (less-than-spiritual) difficult truths I’ve had to embrace.  Here are some, in no particular order.

  • Kids will always think that jokes about penises, passing gas, underwear, and poop are funny.
    • Teaching jokes about penises, passing gas, underwear, and poop to your kids is one of the many joys of parenting.
  • … I will probably also always think that jokes about penises, passing gas, underwear, and poop are funny.
  • My very-near-perfect-love-of-my-life will probably never put away his laundry.  Or put his dirty socks with the dirty laundry.
  • My otherwise-brilliant five year old cannot put on clothes while he talks.  Multi-tasking is just not in the cards.
  • My otherwise-naturally-pleasant-smelling three year old will never smell fresh and clean as long as she refuses to wipe after she pees.  (sigh)
  • My inability to not do something right when I think about it will always drive my ever-loving husband just a little bit crazy.
    • Thought bubble over my head: Dinner’s cooked, hot, and ready to be served?  Great!  Let me just quickly do some more research on cloth diapers… ooh!  Something shiny!  Must explore shiny things immediately! 
  • As much as I love being pregnant, it really is difficult to sleep the last few weeks.  Also, there are a lot of gross things about pregnancy that nobody really talks about.
  • I love my cats dearly, but pretty much everything that comes out of their bodies is disgusting.
    • And I’m still mad at The Beast for drinking leftover milk from Hazel’s Cocoa Puffs and throwing it up ten minutes later on my bed.  Seriously, not a good survival tactic.
    • And the mini-monster spends enough time outside these days that when he has diarrhea… seriously–do it outside somewhere.  It’s really just gross in the litter box.

That might be all for now.  What are some of your difficult truths?

2 responses to “Things As They Really Are

  1. –That no matter how hard I try not to, when my computer doesn’t do what I want when I want it, I will swear bad swears.

    –That there is never enough cheese in this world.

    –That iPads aren’t free.

    –That I will never tan, just turn a slightly darker shade of fluorescent white…on my way to blistering red.

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