Kid Logic

Oliver was feeling a bit under the weather today after school, and the weather outside is corroborating.  So, after filling him with Tylenol, warm juice, and lots of snuggles, I settled him in on the couch with Hazel, and told them that they each could choose one television show to watch.  (Note: this also enabled a much-appreciated shower for me.)

Usually, if they get to watch television, we have a blanket rule that Hazel gets to choose the show on even days, and Oliver gets to choose the show on odd days.  Today, being an even day, was Hazel’s day.  However, Oliver decided that since he was feeling sick, he should get to choose the show.

Now, this could lead to disaster, right?  But here’s the thing–both kids wanted to watch the same show.  Oliver insisted, though, that it was his show.  Hazel insisted that it was her show.  I insisted that the smell in the room might be emanating from me, and that I was going to go shower.

Cut to 22 minutes later, when the show was over.  I said to the kids, “OK, who gets to choose the next show.”  (Yes, I realize that this was perilous.)

Oliver said, “Not me!  I chose the first show.”

Hazel said, “No, not me!  I chose the first show.”

Yes, that’s right… my children spent a couple of minutes this afternoon fighting about why they shouldn’t get to pick the TV show that they watched.

This is why I love being a mom.  Randomness abounds.


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