Remember Me?

So, I haven’t blogged in forever.  In my defense, I have another kid in the house, and two kids in two different schools, so spare time is a bit of a premium.

A bit of a condensed update:

Henry was born in November.  He was huge (9lbs 6oz), and has stayed well ahead of the curve for height, weight, and head size.  He’s got a really sweet disposition, and sleeps really well.  Right now, he generally sleeps from about midnight to six or seven in the morning.

I am still trying to make time to practice the fiddle (and if I never blogged about that before, then guess what?  I play the fiddle!).  I am taking a class to learn the mandolin right now too.

I’m exclusively breastfeeding (EBFing) Henry, and it’s great.  I enjoy my 500 extra calories a day.  (Granted, I should use them on healthy things like kale and salmon or whatever, but chocolate and cheese are just so yummy…)

Since we came home from the hospital, we have exclusively cloth diapered the baby.  It’s amazing.  Seriously.  There are SO many things that make it so much better than disposables, and the only downside is the extra laundry… but even that isn’t so bad because it’s a part of the routine now.  Plus, it’s let me get away with some… unusual… diapers when I’ve needed to.  I want to write a real blog post about it though, one day, when I get around to it.

Oliver and Hazel are great older siblings.  They fight about who gets to look at the baby and who gets to help with the baby, and sometimes it’s frustrating but generally sweet.

Oliver recently showed us that he can run a mile.  This was with no practice or anything… he went running with Kullervo and they went a mile.  We’re really proud of him.

Hazel, that same day, biked a mile on her Skuut bike (it’s a balance bike with no pedals and no training wheels).  It’s the longest she’d ever gone!

I’ve been working still on making small changes every month.  We still don’t get plastic bags when we get groceries, favoring either bags from home or paper (which we re-use to put our recycling in).  I’m working now on trying to make all or most of the chocolate I eat be fair trade.  The problem is that fair trade stuff is so expensive… but the problem on the flip side is that non-fair trade chocolate is cheap because of slave labor.  So, I’m working on cutting back on my chocolate consumption.  Some stuff I haven’t found sources for fair trade chocolate (like, baking chocolate for example)–not to say it isn’t out there; I just haven’t seen it yet.  Anyway, that’s going to be an ongoing project.

So, mini-update is complete.  Here’s hoping I’ll carve out some time for more regular blogging.

My three favorite kiddoes

3 responses to “Remember Me?

  1. Just recently I discovered that Sunspire makes a fair trade, organic baking chocolate bar, in semi-sweet or unsweetened. It’s the only one I’ve seen so far. My local natural foods store carries them, but you can find them online, too.

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