Valentine’s Day

I feel like, in general, people either love Valentine’s Day or they hate it.  People love the reason to get extra love and presents and treat their honey to something nice, or they are annoyed that on some random day of the year they are expected to cough up money for an overpriced bouquet of flowers.  Me, I don’t really care one way or the other about it.  I’d just as soon leave it as take it.

Kullervo and I have had trouble figuring out the best way to handle Valentine’s, and I think this year we got it just right.

Other people seem to have so many expectations on Valentine’s Day, and it took Kullervo years (this is our 11th V-Day!) to realize that when I say I want a low key day… I’m not just blowing smoke and expecting fireworks.

Also, since we’ve had kids, Valentine’s Day has gotten even more complicated because we have three birthdays right afterwards.  Spending a ton of money on Valentine’s Day seems sort of disgusting in the gluttony of it all.

However, if you do nothing on Valentine’s Day, it’s like being the Valentine’s Grinch.  And since Kullervo and I love each other and are all mushy and stuff, being Grinchy about it doesn’t sit right either.

This year, when Kullervo came home from work, we cooked a nice dinner and dessert together (ham steaks with bourbon-cream sauce over rice with steamed vegetables and mocha-walnut brownies), drank a glass of wine, and watched the new episode of Cougar Town.  The original plan was to watch a classic romantic movie–something with Audrey Hepburn–but by the time we were done with dinner, it was too late to start a movie.  And we love Cougar Town.

I feel like this suits me well.  If we are asked what we’re doing, we don’t seem miserly… but we aren’t spending a ton of money trying to live up to anything other than what comes naturally to us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


One response to “Valentine’s Day

  1. Generally we don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Mostly because we don’t need 1 day a year to know that our love is strong, and true. And secondly because it’s a Halmark holiday that requires one to spend money on flowers that will die in a week or candy your wife won’t eat cause she’s on a diet. Lol.

    Besides, the Army usually makes the decision to keep us apart on these little holidays. We had an excuse to not do anything this year – I’m not privy to the information as to where he is. Lol.

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