Building a Fence, Part 3

The following Saturday, Kullervo and our neighbor again got together to finish the fence.  They made a run to the dump (maybe two) to get rid of the most egregious parts of the bush from our yard, and went to the hardware store to get the rest of the Lollygagging Brackets they needed. 

And they got started.  I was incredibly helpful and sat outside with a book (The Outsiders) and the dog on her leash and occasionally said witty things to encourage them.  It was a tough job, but someone had to do it.  Luckily, I’m witty enough to be up to the task.


The guys did mysterious things with power tools.  At one point, Kullervo was drilling into our brick house, and our neighbor was holding the house up in case it fell down.  He’s super strong.


Men with power tools!

Neighbor D holding up the house

Neighbor D holding up the house

Seriously, he's super strong.

Seriously, he’s super strong.

They had gotten two standard (I assume) lengths of fence, but the smaller escape hatch in our yard didn’t need the whole thing.  So they shortened the length of fence by unhammering it, piece by piece.  (Just kidding; I think they only took out the one board and then sawed the cross hatches, but I was not paying attention right then; our children had taken two large boxes and were in our front yard playing a game they called “Homeless”.

Knocking out the board

Knocking out the board

A safe place to saw!  And an extra board!

A safe place to saw! And an extra board!



The fence was put up, drilled where it presumable needed to be drilled, cut out where it needed to be cut out to fit around the house, and fully secured.  And, it was level.  Success!



Not crooked!

Not crooked!

The other thing that they did, which I thought was quite clever, was to take a single board and secure it between our neighbor’s fence and our new fence.  The loose single board in this picture between our fence and theirs was put into place and secured, so it looks pretty seamless going across.


They filled underneath the new fence with dirt so the dog can’t dig her way out (easily), and Kullervo spent some time cutting up the rest of the torn out bush to put it out for the yard waste collection this week.  Altogether, it turned out really well.  And it cost us about $230 to do it, so we saved about $570.  Not too shabby.  I will sit around with my sweet dog and interject clever puns into serious conversations for $570 any day of the week.

And Dally loves it.

Dally on the loose!

Dally on the loose!

Next yard adventure:  choosing what fruit trees to plant in the corners of the yard.

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