Bible Blue

Kullervo has this really nice Bible that I was coveting.  Of course, I could have just read it myself, but it always feels like you should use your own Bible–somehow more personal or something.  His Bible had a soft cover that was just, nice to touch and hold.

So I got a new Bible the other day.

It's pretty!  It's blue!

It’s pretty! It’s blue!

Not only have I been sinfully coveting Kullervo’s Bible, but also, in our small group at church we have been talking about practices that we should be making into habits to be better Christians and bring us closer to God.  I need to read the Bible more often.

Not only have I been considering stealing Kullervo’s Bible and hiding it away for my own use, and condemning myself for my lack of hard core spiritual practices, but Oliver has been reading the Bible.  And he’s read more of the New Testament than I have.  I’ve read more of the Bible overall, but I’ve never read Acts, and he’s almost finished with it.

And he can’t win.

He is a MONSTER!!!!! (-ously fast reader)

He is a MONSTER!!!!!
(-ously fast reader)


So, I got my new Bible, and I’m reading Acts.  And I will stop the evil in my heart towards Kullervo for having such a cool Bible.  And I will stop self-flagellating for being a lazy Christian (in other words, stop scratching my pregnancy rash until I bleed).  And I will BEAT MY SEVEN YEAR OLD IN THE BIBLE READING RACE.  Dammit.




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