Writing Fail

I signed up for nanowrimo.  It was awesome.  I started out relatively strong, working hard every day to get writing done in the time I had while Hank was napping.  I hit some snags, however, both unforeseen and totally anticipated.  First, November is a tricky month to get stuff done around here.  We have a birthday (Hank turned two!), we had the end of a marking period for the kids, with the requisite parent-teacher conferences and day off from school, and Hazel and I took a weekend trip to Chicago.  There was also a brief window of open enrollment for our family’s health insurance, so I spent a few afternoons (joyfully) making spreadsheets predicting our health care expenses for 2014 to see which plans made the most sense with my doctor-visit algorithms.  On top of that, we also had pie night (which took Monday-Wednesday to prepare for) and Thanksgiving.  And my sister and her family came down to visit us for the last few days of the month.  So, all in all, I failed to write 50,000 words of my novel in November, mostly because I was too busy having fun.  The 10% or so of my novel that I did write, however, is pretty good, if I do say so myself (and I do).  Oliver read it and wanted me to keep writing so that he can keep reading it.  (Don’t worry—it’s a children’s novel.)

But, not only did I stop writing my novel when I realized that I wasn’t going to get even close to finishing it… I stopped writing altogether.  Whoops.  I felt like if I was writing, I needed to be writing something novel (hee), and thus blogging was out.  Journaling was out.  Making incessant to do lists that I could immediately lose track of was out… eh, that one might have been okay to do without.

Anyway, November is over.  I can write guilt-free, and blog whenever I want to.  I’m still super pregnant, which means that most of the time I’m incapable of expressing myself (or even thinking) coherently, but it’s my blog and I can ramble if I want to.

Some fun facts of the last month:

If you ask Hank how old he is, he’ll respond, “I two!”.  It’s unreasonably cute, and if you know us in real life, you should try asking him.  Seriously.

I two!

I two!  And my mom is making a weird face!

Cute, for cute's sake.

Henry will only wear hats when the temperature is above 50* outside, and thus no hat is necessary.  


Hazel has a history of writing letters to Santa asking for weird stuff out of nowhere.  Last year, she wanted a moep [sic] (mop).

Hazel's letter to Santa, 2013.

Hazel’s letter to Santa, 2013.  Mariah Carey would be so proud…

Oliver also started a novel for nanowrimo.  Like me, he started out strong and, like me, he petered out.  He also went running with Kullervo, and can run about two and a half miles without complaining (which isn’t to say it’s easy for him, just he knows that complaining won’t get him home faster). 

Taking a break

Taking a break

Kullervo realized that he is close enough to his hours goal at work for the year to be able to reach it… if he busts his ass all December.  It’s a mixed blessing—if he hits his goal, he is eligible for a bonus (as far as I understand, anyway), but it means that he’s going to have to work a really heavy workload for the whole Advent and Christmas season to achieve it.  Along with that, he’s had some mandatory trainings and will be sworn into the Maryland Bar Association at some point this month, so those are days that he will lose hours during.  But, it also means that HE PASSED THE MARYLAND BAR EXAM!  Woooohoooooo!

And, saving the best for last—my PUPPP is gone!  THANK GOD.  I still itch a bit, but in the normal pregnant way, not the want-to-make-myself-bleed-because-hurting-is-better-than-itching-this-much way.  I don’t know if that means that I didn’t actually have PUPPP, or if it doesn’t always last until delivery, but lasts about a month and most people get it in the last month of pregnancy, so it appears to disappear at delivery, or what.  Mostly, though, I’m glad it’s gone.


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