1. Brownies are good and will be done in about 40 minutes. Brownie batter is better, but gone.
2. Saying “myself” a lot doesn’t make you sound smarter. Especially when you use it in place of pronouns like “I”. For example, saying, “Myself and my boyfriend are going to the store,” makes you sound dumb, because that is not a situation where one should use ‘myself’.
3. Hazel pooped while she and Oliver were in the bathtub tonight. Thank God for Conner, because he cleaned it up. I was gagging and asked to please leave the room. It was really really gross. Conner also cleaned the bath toys, and rewashed both children.
4. Traffic was so bad on I-495 today that I left work at about 3:15 and did not get home (26 miles away) until 5. Unreasonable.