Recycled Robot

A little late, we did our Earth Day recycling project. Oliver, Kullervo, and I built a robot using reused materials.

The head is made out of a large Vruit fruit/vegetable juice box. The body is a Trader Joe’s coffee canister. The arms are yogurt containers, and the legs are Diet Coke cans. We covered them in a paper bag, Oliver colored them, and we hot glued it all together.

Oliver loves his robot; he named it Robot Oliver. Hazel liked it too–she gave it a kiss. And we all enjoyed prolonging the life of some of our most used household products.


FO – A Hat for Hazel!

I made this hat–twice actually–for Hazel. I didn’t have a pattern; I just kind of knit, using a stitch I really liked (from the most recent socks I made for Conner). I had to knit it twice because the first time it was too wide and too short (so much for swatching…). However, since it was cashmere, it was yummy to knit with. I think it turned out well, especially since it’s really the first thing I’ve made without a pattern.



Hazel likes to touch it too! (It’s soooo soft!)