Oliver’s Tattoo

When Kullervo first got his tattoo done (of Odin and Sleipnir, his eight legged horse),

Oliver would tell us every day about his tattoos. He would pretend he had one on his nose, on his arms, all over his body. Usually he said that his tattoos were of some of his favorite TV characters (specifically, The Backyardigans). Once the newness of the tattoo had faded, though, he stopped talking about it.

The other night, he was painting after Hazel went to bed and got paint on his leg.

He told me that that was his tattoo. When I asked him what his tattoo was, he told me “Sleepsha and Sheepneer”. He was pretty proud of it.

Then, he got more paint on him:


These were also tattoos. One was “Ooks and his horse Sheeks”. The other remained nameless.

However, he did make me scrub them off before bed. So I think that he maybe isn’t ready for a real tattoo just yet.

I’m Going to Take Your Furniture

Oliver (holding thermometer): I’m going to take your furniture, Mommy.
Me: OK. (opens mouth)
Oliver puts thermometer in my mouth, holds it there for a few seconds, pulls it back out.
Oliver: 38. You’re all better, Mommy.
Me: Oh, good. Thank you, Oliver.

This comes a couple of days after Oliver took a flashlight, asked me what hurt, shone the flashlight on the hurty parts, and pronounced them all better.

I love that kid.