gDiapers – The Experiment Continues

We are still using our gDiapers! On Miss Hazel, at least.

I blogged about gDiapers when we first tried them out. And I get a lot of traffic from people who are searching for gDiapers online.

When we first used them, it seemed like every time she went to the bathroom, it was a blowout. I was beginning to get skeptical of the supposed seal the gDiapers make that should prevent that. However! She had blowouts in disposables as well. I didn’t realize that until this summer when we were in New York and couldn’t flush the gDiapers, so we switched to disposables.

Now that we’ve started solids, though, I’ve noticed a big change. As anyone with kids can tell you, the switch from an exclusively liquid diet to a more substantial one (even though pureed peas and bananas don’t seem to me like they should solidify in the digestive system) makes for a change from an exclusively liquid poop situation to a more substantial one. (And smellier, but that’s beyond the point.) Anyway, disposable diapers are still prone to leaking. Maybe there’s less room in the diaper, but everything squishes right out. Our gDiapers, on the other hand, handle it really well. No more leaks!

Oliver is not wearing gDiapers. I tried to put them on him a couple of times, but he’s very resistant to that kind of change. He wanted to wear them a couple of times when Hazel had them, as a novelty, but he is a kid who likes to poop in his usual diaper. (Oh, how I long for a potty trained child!)

So, because I feel like this post is all over the place, here is my current evaluation of gDiapers.

  1. Because they’re bulkier than disposables (as are cloth diapers), it makes it trickier to put Hazel in pants–we have to buy a size larger than we think we should need. But that might also be because she got my thighs… unfortunate child.
  2. The company is phasing in new colors, and phasing out some old ones. It’s nice for someone like me, because we get to try new ones when we move up a size. The shipping on the gDiapers site is pretty darned expensive, though. If you sign up for their emails, they let you know about sales. Free shipping on orders over a certain amount would be nice though.
  3. They come in less sizes than disposables.  This is GREAT, in my opinion.  It means I am less likely to wind up with half a package of diapers or inserts that I can’t use and can’t return.  Hazel is in a medium now, and will be until she’s 28 pounds.  (She can switch to a large at 26 pounds, though, and the mediums and larges share the same size insert and waterproof liner, which is really convenient.
  4. The customer service is good.  I wrote to them with a question, and they responded within a day and were quite helpful.

That’s all for now, but after six months of use, I am still a fan.  I wonder if putting Oliver into the larges that we got will help him be more aware of being peeful, as we call it, and more likely to want to use the potty?  I might have to try it out…