Support (No Bra Required)

It is still anniversary week, and I thought I would post some more about my amazing, sexy husband.  I hope it winds up making sense, as I am functioning on about ten total hours of sleep since Saturday night.  Anyway, it seems especially relevant right now, this week, with everything that has been going on.

One of the aspects of our relationship that I don’t know that we had (or even knew we wanted) when we first got married was to be supportive of each other.  And I mean supportive financially, spiritually, emotionally, and aspirationally.  But I think we would both say that we have worked really hard on being loving and supportive of each other at various times in the last nine years. Continue reading


American Idol–Milwaukee

So I am trying out for American Idol again this year. Monday I drove to Milwaukee to get my wristband. I got there really early (3:30 in the morning) and so I was among the first few hundred to get a ticket. When I left to get to my car, this was just a portion of the line that was still there waiting…