In the last few weeks, I have made two Booga bags and one Mooga bag.

A mooga bag is a mini Booga–I wanted to make a smaller bag, and so I shrank the number of stitches required for a Booga. I haven’t felted it yet; pictures to follow when I finish felting them all, and send the one that is a gift to the recipient.

My Life is Complete

You know how occasionally something happens–you do something–that is just the ultimate.

This happened to me today. I have a knit (not by me) cardigan that I keep at work that I throw on when it is absolutely freezing in the audit room. (As an aside–I always wonder if they make audit rooms as uncomfortably temperatured as possible on purpose… to freeze/heat us out, maybe?)

One of the cuffs of this cardigan had come apart, so that it flopped awkwardly every time I moved my left arm. I keep meaning to bring it home with me and sew back up the side. But, of course, then my cardigan would be at home, and I probably wouldn’t do it anyway. So I never bring it home. This morning, the audit room was freezing as usual. But I just couldn’t bear the thought of putting on the floppy arm one more time.

So I grabbed a darning needle and a couple of rubber bands, and sewed together my sleeve.

My life is now complete–I have done something knitterly with office supplies.

FO – A Hat for Hazel!

I made this hat–twice actually–for Hazel. I didn’t have a pattern; I just kind of knit, using a stitch I really liked (from the most recent socks I made for Conner). I had to knit it twice because the first time it was too wide and too short (so much for swatching…). However, since it was cashmere, it was yummy to knit with. I think it turned out well, especially since it’s really the first thing I’ve made without a pattern.



Hazel likes to touch it too! (It’s soooo soft!)