Babywearing Mania!


Hazel and I both love using the Moby Wrap to carry her around in. She’ll fall asleep, and there’s nothing as sweet as a sleeping child snuggling with me. Since being home from New York, I’ve missed all the babywearing time that we had–we just aren’t out and about as much.

We also got an Ergo carrier. I’d heard nothing but raves about it, and I thought it would be more practical in some instances. Also, since it can be used as a back carrier, Conner could carry the kids around if needed (which probably will be needed in a couple of weeks when I’m at my training in Atlanta and he’s with the kids all day in Atlanta!) on his back. The Moby works as a back carrier too, but it is a bit feminine for Conner to wear (being lilac and all).

Just for fun, I wanted to see if I could be a Mommy camel, and was able to wear both kids at the same time. It would have come in useful during some of our day trips in NYC!

Because Yesterday Wasn’t Enough

Today, I had Hazel in her Moby again, and was riding on the bus.  A sweet old lady got on the bus and asked “Is that a baby in there?”.  Dumb question, but she was old, so we’ll move on and not mock her.  Especially since when I said yes she looked absolutely delighted. 

The woman sitting beside me then says, “Oh, I was wondering that too.  I thought maybe it was just your stomach.”

Um, hello?!  First of all, you’re saying that you thought that me + baby was just me?  How big and misshapen do you think I am?  Second of all, I had a HAT on Hazel.  A freakin’ hat!  No, I generally don’t walk around calling attention to my misshapen tummy fat by covering it with a sweet brown-and-pink paisley HAT!

Idiot woman.  What is wrong with people?  Think before you speak, folks. 

Is She Comfortable?

Walking around the city, I usually carry Hazel in a moby wrap (the lilac Moby D, to be exact).  I get tons of compliments on it, and people often stop me to ask me where I got it, either because they want one themselves or they want to purchase one as a gift for a pregnant loved one.

But then today I got the oddest comment (and it wasn’t the first time someone has said this either, which in my mind goes to show the sheer lack of thinking that people do these days).  Conner and I had stopped to look at some street wares (on a quick tangent, we got a set of 600 thread count queen sized sheets for $20 today!) and a woman says, “That’s an interesting wrap.  Are you sure she’s comfortable in it?”

Uh… what do you say to that?  I mean, she hasn’t expressed her comfort directly–her current vocabulary consists of ‘ahhh’ and the regular belch.  But she does fall asleep in it, and when she got tired of being all tucked into it (one of the newborn holds), she would fuss in it.  So, I assume she’s comfortable. 

But isn’t that a weird question?  I’m tempted to respond, “Actually, I’m pretty sure she’s quite uncomfortable.  In fact, I believe that she hates it and considers it a torture device.  I continue using it, however, because of my lack of caring what my infant thinks, and my desire to selfishly carry my baby as close to me as possible.  I’m sure you can tell by her slight snores that she might indeed have some broken bones.”

I mean, really, people.  Think before you talk, or expect to get mocked.  🙂