The Badlands

The Badlands are amazing. Stunning and crazy looking and all kinds of adjectives that seem redundant to write down on top of each other. What’s funny is that we had no intentions of going there at all, but when we saw it in the distance we were like, “what the heck? It’s a road trip, after all!”. It was a good idea.

Conner became danger-man and climbed every unstable-looking thing he could find. More pictures later when I put photos on my computer-I needed a zoom lens for some of the shots of him.

The kids loved it. Hazel is a born adventurer, and scampered easily up every steep climb while I cowered in fear below, trying not to show her that I was terrified of her antics. She would climb up something and say, “here I am!”


Can’t Find a Campground!

We have spent the last hour trying to get to a campground! Poor Oliver is at the end of his patience. We were going to stay in some national grasslands… But it seemed much too adventurous for me, a first time camper. But, man, was it ever beautiful there!

Wisconsin Fun

Only at this exit: Wisconsin Fun!



He is very excited about my car going to “Hell!!!”


Sleeping Kids

The kids fell asleep yesterday right after we started driving. Oliver insisted on being covered from head to toe.



Minnesota welcomes me!



After letting Oliver pack his own bag, we got in the car and realized our mistake…