My Life is Complete

You know how occasionally something happens–you do something–that is just the ultimate.

This happened to me today. I have a knit (not by me) cardigan that I keep at work that I throw on when it is absolutely freezing in the audit room. (As an aside–I always wonder if they make audit rooms as uncomfortably temperatured as possible on purpose… to freeze/heat us out, maybe?)

One of the cuffs of this cardigan had come apart, so that it flopped awkwardly every time I moved my left arm. I keep meaning to bring it home with me and sew back up the side. But, of course, then my cardigan would be at home, and I probably wouldn’t do it anyway. So I never bring it home. This morning, the audit room was freezing as usual. But I just couldn’t bear the thought of putting on the floppy arm one more time.

So I grabbed a darning needle and a couple of rubber bands, and sewed together my sleeve.

My life is now complete–I have done something knitterly with office supplies.